Our Knowledge Is Your Power!


Our mission is to provide legal representation and other professional services for you. Your rights and interests are not merely our concern, but our passion. The reason is simple - we share and value your experience.

To protect your rights and advance your interests preventively in this world, knowledge, experience, a realistic approach and persistent effort are key elements.

Capitalizing on our extensive legal and business management background, we navigate the most complex legal issues, counsel and negotiate all aspects of business deals and produce streamlined, plain English or Chinese documents.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve as part of a team dedicated to assist you. We not only employ the latest technologies to keep you directly involved, we also work with legal counsels, information analysts, accountants, financial advisors, business managers, and other professionals in order to achieve the best results for you as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

That is TeamTalent, and we are proud to have you.